The 8-Bit Wars - A new game from Luca Bordoni and team for the ZX Spectrum

Thanks to Saberman contacting us this afternoon through Facebook, we've been told that Luca Bordoni and team has released the arcade ZX Spectrum game of 'The 8-Bit Wars'. A game in which you play as the adventurer Bob Smith, on a personal mission to to put a stop to the evil computer bugs that have raided the Galactic Computer Museum. To coincide with this news, we've also got another screenshot and gameplay footage of The 8-Bit Wars below. 

Here's the latest from the website. "The evil computer bugs have raided the Galactic Computer Museum, and in an act of theft and vandalism, spread many 8-Bit systems of history across multiple zones. You are adventurer Bob Smith, complete with a Hans Olo Blaster, who has come to visit the Galactic Computer Museum on his vacation. So angry is Bob with this wanton vandalism, he vows to put the Galaxy back to its right state by collecting the 8-Bit machines for the museum and deleting computer bugs wherever he finds them!"


  • - Luca Bordoni - Program and art
  • - Andy Remic - Concept design
  • - Mongrel - Cover art
  • - Clive Townsend - Loading screen
  • - Rich Hollins - Music
  • - Rob Shedwick - Original music

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  1. Planeta Sinclair17 April 2024 at 23:34

    Not a new game, it was released in 2022. It was uploaded to now...

    1. Well the other game he uploaded to itch was even older, and that one I wasn't going to feature especially as it was an "Exclusive".

  2. Nice new update !! Thanks!

  3. Made with Andy Remic (who made the excellent Spectrum Addict documentaries) to tie in with the 8 Bit Wars doc he was working on when he sadly passed away RIP.


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