Bronx, Excalibur & La Casa - An Adventure bonanza for the Commodore 64 & Plus4 as a conversion from the ZX Spectrum


For those of you who like text adventure games, such as Spooky Adventure or Knight Orc. Then we have just found out through the plus4 website, that Ready64 has announced the release of Bronx, Excalibur and La Casa for the C64 and Plus/4. As in the words of the website for La Casa, "Converted by Carmine Migliaccio (TSM) from the original ZX Spectrum created by (private) and released in Load'n'Run 47 (March 1988). Magazine excerpt courtesy of Ready64". To coincide with this news, Saberman will be doing a video later today showing one of the games being played.

La Casa

And here's the latest from the Plus/4 World. "La Casa is the third in the row, continuing the series of text adventures converted from the ZX Spectrum which were created by Gian Battista Aicardi. This one was first released in the 47th issue of Load'n Run magazine, which was published in March 1988, and for us Plus/4 adventurers it follows Bronx and Excalibur. So you already know the deal: hires, slightly animated graphics, an 80-column character set, and is available in both Italian and English. "La Casa" (translated: "The House") calls back the Italian title of the (in?)famous movie series Evil Dead signed by Sam Raimi."

Links :1) LaCasa 2) Excalibur 3) Bronx


  1. Where is the link to the English Commodore 64 version? Can only find an Italian one.

  2. Nice to get new oldies for the C64. I got killed by a zombie in "the House" after one and half minutes of gameplay :D

  3. I've loaded this in and it really looks nice, but ... I can't play it? The descriptions list items in the rooms I am in, but I can never 'pick' them up, 'look' at them or 'examine' them, I can't interact with anything using any of the english language vocabulary at my disposal. I am stunted for the first time in a text adventure, that it does not react to the simplest of verbs with anything other than "You can't". No help command available, no instructions anywhere to be found, all I can do is walk into a couple of rooms, enjoy the pictures, and get a list of available "things" in each that are all about as touchable as if I was a ghost.

  4. It's like I'm playing a prank text adventure, it has yet to respond to any of my inputs with something other than "You can't".


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