Hidden gems of Ireland - Metal detect for archeological artifacts in Ireland in this new Amiga WIP demo

If you've ever wanted to experience Metal Detecting, the search for history in the ground using a Metal Detector but don't want the hassle of finding new permissions, the expense of buying a brand new detector OR finding bottle tops, ring pulls and large iron crud, then you might be interested in this new work in progress demo called 'Hidden gems of Ireland'. A new Amiga game in which you detect historic locations to find ancient artefacts without being hank cuffed as night hawkers ;).

Here's the latest from the creator. "I warmly welcome everyone. I would like to present to you my new game created in Backbone. Why in Backbone? Because I don't know programming and BB is a great tool for creating games. Of course, the program has many limitations like any other on the amiga and ultimately I would like the game to be rewritten by some talented programmer while adding many ideas that I could not use here. By design it was supposed to be an educational and adventure game but due to engine limitations, arcade elements came".

"After starting the game, a book appears which we can browse by tilting the joystick down. We can learn from it about many castles on the island, when they were built, by whom, etc. After pressing "fire" a photo of the castle appears in 320x512 Ham6 (CLICK) and after another game screen with the same zipper in the background. The player's task is to find 8 buried artifacts on each of the 20 levels. After collecting 8 items, the player must go to the door to complete the level. Items are invisible and are automatically collected after a collision with the player. In the new version of the game, I would like the collision to work only with the coil from the metal detector and allow the player to dig the item out of the ground".

"After completing each level, a picture with collected artifacts in 640x512 16 shades of gray is displayed (CLICK). I wanted high resolution to see as much detail as possible. In addition, it would be nice if after completing the mission the items were not always the same and drawn from the pool of items. I am still waiting to add descriptions under the artifacts but for this purpose I have to contact an archeologist because I am able to describe barely half of the objects myself. Graphics in the 24bit version are also prepared and the AGA version would be welcome. Backgrounds were created using Scenery Animator 4.0".

Links :1)  Download  2) ForumForum


  1. Well its nice to see something a bit different! If it gets the improvements mentioned I guess it could end up being fun to play.

  2. Great! Being an archaeologist I gotta say I have a unfair propension to like this (even if it is about crackpot metal detector enthusiasts. But hey, we only have the full roman coin chronological sequence of the entire British Islands thanks to them!), but its a really cool implementation! Lets face it, getting a game out of archaeology is harder than it looks. By the way, any chance of having a "identify the medieval coin correctly" minigame attached to it? Maybe with a nice pdf coin catalogue...Getting it right multiplies your score or something. Could be randomly generated coins based on real repeated motives...but take this as just an iddle suggestion, you already got something fun there! Will pester the other students in the department about it.

    1. Not all detectorists are crack pots... Well only the ones who shout "BOOM HAMMERED" or do stupid dances every time a hint of gold appears haha. Welcome to the site, and massive respect to Archaeologists!


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