Chroma Grid - 1st place winner at the Sommarhack 2024 party for the Atari ST!

Another heads up and surprisingly it's an Atari ST news story, as thanks to a good friend contacting us earlier today, we have been told that T.O.Y.S has made available their latest puzzle game of Chroma Grid. An Atari STE game which was presented by T.O.Y.S. at the Sommarhack 2024 party, and coming 1st place in the wild demo competition! To coincide with this news, you can check out the latest footage of the game which as ever can be viewed below.

Here's the latest from the website "Chroma Grid is a historical preservation project dedicated to preserving a significant piece of digital heritage. By bringing an unfinished game from 1994 to life, this project serves as both a study and an educational resource on development for the Atari ST. The Atari ST family of computers was a pioneer in the 16-bit era and played a crucial role in the advent of home computing. Preserving and understanding the capabilities and workings of this technology is essential for comprehending the evolution of computer technology up to the present day, and where it may take us in the future".

  • Code: Fredrik 'PeyloW' Olsson
  • Music: Joakim 'AiO' Ekblad
  • Graphics: HervĂ© 'Exocet' Piton
  • Font: Damien Guard
  • Concept: Peter 'Eagle' Nyman

Links :1) Source  2) Download


  1. This looks like a game I would really love to play but I'm on an Amiga. I hope for somebody who can make a port someday, please.

    1. You know there are Atari ST emulators right?

    2. I’ve never coded anything for Amiga, but would be delighted if anyone helped out with even partial patches.

  2. Atari st....ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

  3. Thank You for friendly pubblication !!!

  4. Awesome game! So polished!


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