Candlelight - Adventure Platformer + Demo

Here's an unusual Platform game, as it's a game that you play as an actual object but with it's own life, it's a Candle. As such this being Candlelight and developed by Pixel Maverick Games, see's your lone survivor setting out to bring light back to the darkness of the land. The land once peaceful was set upon by a series of catastrophic events, which nearly extinguished all the candles apart from one! Although unusual, this title is a really enjoyable experience as your Candle must battle through all the elements such as wind and rain, even dangerous objects like TNT play a part for your demise.

As the developer states : Will the candle’s life be extinguished before the journey is complete? Only you can help determine this lands fate! But before you do that, check out the latest demo and have fun!


A Kickstarter is also coming soon!

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