Running From The Dead -The First Match-3 Zombie Survival RPG for iPhone

Running From The Dead is a new iPhone game from developers DPrompt Game, which contain Zombies! Ok, so it's not the Zombie style of game we have been used to, as this is a Match-3 Zombie Survival title, where the aim of the game is rush your way to the nearest safe house by the matching of specific items. I applaud the developers for doing something different with Zombies, especially with the difference in ideas in this game. For example you may end up being chased by a Zombie, thus you'll need to join two guns and a Zombie face, it's that simple and by heck it works!

In Running From The Dead you have the choice of 4 characters each with a different profession, weapon and skills. But don't forget to join up the money as you still need to buy a new life!

Collect tile to Run,Attack,Find,Repair and rush your way to the nearest safe house in order to survive.
Upgrade your equipment, Train a new skill or find a better weapon there's a lot of possibility to do here.

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