CRYSTAL KINGDOM - 16-bit action JRPG now in Open Beta

Just before Christmas, Crystal Kingdom was announced and put forward via the indiegogo campaign which oozed quality and animation. However the campaign wasn't to be, and thus this amazing looking JRPG was not financed. Fast forward to now and Crystal Kingdom is back with an Open Beta! Crystal Kingdom is the successor of the fan game SEYKEN, which was the first JRPG that tried to truly emulate the graphical style of the 16-bit console classics. The game also had an incorporated co-op, through online capability. 

As we stated before : For all the fans of the JRPG such as Chrono Quest or even Final Fantasy, Crystal Kingdom will take us back to those days, but with a far more modern work over, yet keeping the 16bit style. This is one beautiful looking JRPG and the developers EpicBeyond Studios are not finished yet as they need your feedback to improve the game even further, and thankfully, through the Open Beta, you can do just that!

Concepts and Ideas quoted from the developer:
Game world: Unlike the classics, we do not have the memory limitation on the console hardware and cartridge side, which leaves us with an almost endless amount of content we can add to the game. We laid out a vivid fantasy world with different climatic zones and areas for you to explore.

Storyline - Main & side quest system: Storytelling is a sole foundation of the classics and will be for Crystal Kingdom as well. We have a basic storyline integrated in what we did so far. Nothing major, just enough to get going for now since we want to integrate our community into this process.

Various character classes: Starting with six base classes, each with their own unique skills and looks. Plus, two mid-level sub-class advancements for each base class as well as two high-level prestige class advancements for each sub-class for a total of 24 class branches in all.

Customizable character skins: The engine supports a skin customization system - so don't read too much into the basic skins we created since we can easily add male/female skins, different age, colors, clothes & hairstyles etc.

Dungeon crawler style loot system: The ideas for the item system brings in the most changes in regards to the classics. We chose a state of the art approach with random item effects as well as unique and set items. We also integrated a item socket system like in Diablo II & III.
Optional Single-player, Co-op, or MMO game experiences: open world co-operative maps as well as single-player or co-op instances and community town hubs.

Additional Features:
Honour & Reputation System
Event Notification system
Account wide stashing
Real-time Player Ranking
IOS/Android & Ouya port
16-bit chip sound & music
Singleplayer or Co-op Campaign driven story
Gamepad support
Additional skins
Runes system
Instance based Player Housing
Guild wide stashing
Ships (Air & Sea)
Monster Book/Bestiary
Free Resolution support

Crystal Kingdom also needs your votes on Steam Greenlight

Coming Q1 2014

UPDATE FOR OPEN BETA - Make sure to run the updater.exe first and to have Java installed.

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