DOOM RETRO v1.4.3 - The latest Doom source release fixes bugs!

Brad Harding has just released version 1.4.3 of DOOM RETRO, a classic, refined DOOM source port for Windows PC. This update fixes many small bugs from 1.4.2 and includes a new feature related to pixel art, so well worth updating. A highly recommended source port of the original bloody thirsty classic that even works with gamepads!

  • The screen size can now be adjusted correctly in the options menu when not in a game.
  • The size of the pixels when the graphic detail is “LOW” can now be changed by editing the pixelwidth and pixelheight settings in doomretro.cfg. Both are set to a default of 2.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby pressing ENTER to save a game in an empty savegame slot wouldn’t clear that slot and replace it with the name of the current map.
  • Barrels are no longer randomly mirrored when they explode.
  • Some settings in doomretro.cfg are now sorted differently.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby graphic anomalies could appear in some parts of some maps.
  • The correct graphics will now be used for the titles of the load and save game menus, if custom graphics are present in a PWAD.
  • If there are custom sprites present in a PWAD, they will now animate correctly.
  • nerve.wad is now correctly recognized by the –FILE command-line parameter.
  • –PWAD is now allowed as an alternate to the –FILE command-line parameter.
  • Checking what things are on a floor that raises or lowers is now more accurate.
  • Optimizations have been made when drawing the sky.
  • The sky is now flipped vertically when repeated, as originally intended.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby randomly colored pixels would appear along the very top of the screen when drawing the sky in some instances.
  • There are now two settings in doomretro.cfg that control how many blood splats appear.bloodsplats_total (previously known as just bloodsplats) controls the total number of blood splats spawned in a level. It’s default is still unlimited. bloodsplats_visible is a new setting that specifies the number of blood splats that will appear on the screen at any one time. It’s default is 1024.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby use of the –EPISODE, –SKILL and –WARP command-line parameters would cause the game to silently crash.
  • Gamepads now work correctly
( Original Doom may well be required )

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