Don't touch the flames - Fun and frustration all wrapped into one

We haven't featured a free game from gamejolt for awhile, so it's time to take a look at "Don't touch the flames" from Retro Bungalow. In this highly tappable game you must collect as many crystals as possible to reach a high score, the problem is, the flames that appear on either side and more especially below will kill you. This game reminds me of flappy bird as you tap tap tap to keep in mid flight while avoiding certain death. Thankfully the collection of crystals unlocks extra characters and fuel will keep you going for longer. Although I found the game frustrating due to it's difficulty level, it's still a fun game to play and I kept coming back for more!

Available to play from HERE


  1. Also available on google play

  2. Oh yes! However I think I'll be keeping my phone in one piece ;)


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