Speccy Jam 2 has now finished - So many great retro games for free!

I've got a huge respect for developers of both indie and retro games, thus throughout the end of last month and into this month September, I've been keeping my keen eye on the retro developments during the Speccy Jam 2. A jam in which people from around the world came together to create brand new retro inspired games in the flavour of that 8-bit hit, the ZX Spectrum. Now the Speccy Jam 2 is over and winners yet to be decided, you can now play loads of fantastic retrotastic games that make you feel like you've gone back to the 1980's.

Overall there have been over 25 retro inspired games that have been developed in that ZX Spectrum style, from great games such as The Accolade by Juan J or Moon Unit Z by Lewis Lane. There's just so many awesome games to write about I'd be here all night. So without further ado, I'll list as many as I can in this very article so be prepared to play some ultimate games from the Speccy Jam 2!

Toys R Mad

Code / Music : Esteban Moreno
Graphics : Ruben Gallardo


Name:Michael Gunn


Davide Aversa (@thek3nger), Mauriliuo di Cicco (@mauriliodc)


Music by Bill Wood; everything else by, Glen McNamee @glenmcnamee

First World Problems

Victor Martinez Pajares @vmpajares
Neil Parsons @pb48k

Retro Racer

Jonathan Cauldwell
Twitter handle: @ZXSpectrumDev

Find the Greenroom Fin

Rob 2035 Twitter @pievspie

Magenta Sky

by Chris B.
Twitter: @contralogic

Thingy's Quest for Stuff

by Peter Featherstone. @petefeath

Bruce Leap

Gazzapper Games (Gary Plowman)

Moon, Year 2156

by dsoft20

Relic Rick

Kevin Schuster - Programming, Art/Design, Sound FX, Music
Nick Schmitt - Art/Design
Jamison Bauer - Programming


Henry Hedgehog II - Spacehog

Created by Craig Moore (@Ashiitaka)

Blue-Eyed Blob Things

Boris van Schooten



Design / Art / Sound : Emmanuel Floret
Design / Programming / Level Design : Félix GG

Teddy Tea Leaf

by @StewHogarth, contributions by Tony Connell and Malcolm Brown


Team members: Christina Antoinette Neofotistou (aka @castpixel)

Bratty Tim

tylor @ants_and_aphids

Crafty Miner

Name: Rory Jackson Twitter: @xenopunk

Avoid ZX

Team members: Andrea Pantaloni, Tommaso Pantaloni @APantaloni

Thrust 4

Name: Stuart Thomson @radikal_nz

Mini Danmaku ZX

Alexander Martinelle @AlexMartinelle

Pest Control Pete

by Richard Coldwell @Retro_Bungalow

Backyard Abduction

Programmer: Pontus Wirsching
Artist: Gavin Hunt

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