DaXX - Retro musical tribute !

As many of you know we are very fond of game retro remixes, especially from the Amstrad, Amiga, C64 or ZX Spectrum. So today's post is a tribute to the great daXX; a legend in the remix 64 scene who creates both Amiga and C64 remixes. Bert Br├╝ggemann (Aka daXX) was born in 1976 in Germany and even at the early age of 6 he was creating music from a keyboard, then as he got older the C64 and the Amiga. Releasing over 500 Amiga mods and remixes, with Soundtracker and Protracker I'd rate him one of the best re-mixers of our time. So rather than post every track he's ever done, I'll be posting his best work from Youtube...... Enjoy!

And that's just some of the tracks I find to be his best work, all the others can be found on his profile page which is here http://www.remix64.com/member/daxx/

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