Cinemaware goes to the movies - Pre-Production Of “It Came From the Desert” Motion Picture!‏

Call us Cinemaware fans if you so wish, but one thing can be said about the company, they are certainly unique in development as they've gone from some fantastic retro games such as Defender of the Crown, Wings and It Came From the Desert to a just announced “It Came From the Desert” Motion Picture!‏ Although I was hoping for an animated version of the hit classic, today's announcement sees the game company Cinemaware entering a partnership agreement with Roger! Pictures for the development of a motion picture based on the company’s cult-classic game.

Dr. Wells, spokesperson for Cinemaware, had this to say: “After cleaning Lizard Breath of ants many years ago, it’s great to see that a film inspired by the events transpired in our little town will tell our story to the wide world out there. Maybe this film will ensure our government pays more attention to what goes on here.” 
Teemu Virta, spokesperson for Roger! Pictures, commented “We grew up in the 80s playing videogames like It Came From the Desert. Cinemaware’s story-driven titles have a lot of potential to be expanded into film and other media. Through this partnership with Cinemaware, we can bring this fascinating story up to date and present a thrilling and enjoyable cinematic experience featuring the giant ants to both new and old Desert fans!” 
The motion picture adaptation of “It Came From the Desert” is currently in pre-production, with a release date set to be announced in the future. Additional information and production details will be revealed soon, starting January 16th, 2015! For more information, join us at !
The original hit classic on the Amiga

I for one hope this is going to be good, as Cinemaware has never let me down before but yet this isn't a game, it's a movie and most likely will have Ants! 

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