Indiana Jones and the Gold of Gengis Khan - Adventuring for free!

Using the Adventure Game Studio, GABARTS has released his own story for an Indiana Jones adventure. Titled "Indiana Jones and The Gold of Gengis Khan", the game takes place just after Indy has returned home from "The Last Crusade". The player steps into Indy's shoes as he must steal himself for the coming struggle against Mussolini's fascist forces to reach Ulan-Bator first, armed with enough knowledge to beat them to the treasure. A decent effort for an Indiana game but as it's free, it's certainly worth a download!

Main Concept, Graphic, Music, Programming : Gabriele Ciucchi "GABARTS"
Additional Programming : "AprilSkies"
English translation, Proofreading and Text editing : Ross Kevin Moffat -AKA "Mandle"-

Download EN/IT

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