Until I Have You - Fast paced retro aesthetic platformer

Many years ago a game was released called Abuse, in which it had two control types both keyboard and mouse, one for moving and one for aiming and shooting. So here we are with "Until I Have You" sporting that same control scheme with added frustration and retro aesthetics. A platformer based on skill developed using AGS, it will push you to the brink as you jump platforms, slash with knife and shoot with gun. Featuring 8-bit sound effects, chiptune music, innovative controls(?), 8 levels, cinematic scenes, slow motion, boss fights and parallax this is our recommended game of the day, even if it is really hard!

- James Spanos (Dualnames): Coding, Design, Music
- Andrea Ferrara (AprilSkies): Artwork, Animation, Design
- Dave Seaman (CaptainD): Sound Effects
- aikex222, Jim Reed, Mandle, selmiak, Ghost: Beta Testing



  1. This looks extremely promising, I'll be checking this out!
    Happy new year!

  2. Good luck! If you get past the first bit, you did far better than me ;)
    Happy new year to you too!


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