Bruce Lee - Fantastic homebrew Sega Master System release!

In 1984 Datasoft released a brilliant arcade platformer called 'Bruce Lee' which was based on the famous motion picture martial artist. It was and still is a highly regarded platformer that is still loved to this day! It even has a great soundtrack which can be listened to many times over. Yet in 2013 Bruno R. Marcos released the PC successor Bruce Lee II and in 2015 Jonas Hulten released a true C64 port of Bruno R Marcos's release. But today we are going to go even further and announce the release of a homebrew port of the original Bruce Lee but for the Sega Master System!

For those of you who have a Sega Master System with a Mega EverDrive or knows how to use an emulator, you are in for a treat. This version features great graphics, impressive character detail and game play which is very close to the original game!

Now available to download from HERE

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