New A1200 Computer Housing Project - Scoopex joins the Kickstarter campaign!

Nearly every day we've been featuring Philippe Lang's Kickstarter for the 'New A1200 Computer Housing Project', but with just 13 days to go and only €48,243 pledged of a €125,000 goal so far, it's going to need a lot more pledgers to push it to a success.  So how can we help this Amiga A1200 case Kickstarter with another boost, by mentioning the fact that 'Scoopex' has now joined up with a rather special looking case!

But who are Scoopex some of you may ask, well Scoopex is a legendary demo and cracking group, created way back in Austria early 1989 and still alive and kicking today. They've even released a number of Amiga titles recently such as Equality and Tecnoball Z of which we have played and enjoyed. So what does this latest 199 euro pledge backing offer. How about an awesome looking coloured case and badge, a Scoopex poster, Scoopex T-shirt, the Commodore : The Amiga Years Hardbook and each Scoopex limited series case contains a metal frame with a unique serial number.

Certainly worthy of an extra pledge for sure, but with only so far to go and still at a low amount of pledges, it's going to need all of your help!

Links :

1) Kickstarter
2) Website

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