Rabbit in Nightmareland - The ZX Spectrum bunny is back and this time it's frightening!

I was just about to settle down to a night of horror movies to really make Halloween that little bit more special and Javier Fopiani has just announced through our twitter feed of his next ZX Spectrum game in the Rabbit series, as ' Rabbit in Nightmareland '. Developed once again for the 128k in English and Spanish, this game unlike the previous isn't so cute and lovely, as going by the trailer, you'll probably jump back in fright!

In this well designed game with a lovely spooky soundtrack, you play as the Rabbit trapped in Nightmareland, which is slowly but surely turning his experience into his worst nightmare. The only way out is by jumping from platform to platform and collecting the objects in Wonderland to open the portal and escape. But watch out! As the nightmares knitter and the evil enemies in the game will try to stop you, and trap you forever!

Rabbit in Nightmareland is completely free to download and play, and if you've got a ZX Spectrum or the emulator Spectaculator it will be a great addition to this Halloween night.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Twitter 4) Facebook

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