Fleshforward - Action survival horror by Linked Rooms Games gets an early demo

If the previous game we mentioned was way too cute and you want bloody horror instead, then how about Linked Rooms Games in development old-school survival horror game ' Fleshforward ', which has received its first PC demo. According to the developers, this first demo explores the beginning of the game and the player can try a lot of features such as action combat and stealth system with a glimpse of the main campaign!

The story of Fleshforward revolves around Seph Garrett and Hellen Bates, two characters who have completely different personalities and backgrounds. He is the undercover cop and she is a well-known criminal, both natural enemies. In a place destroyed by a terrible event, that has turned many of the citizens into violent flesh eating monsters, it's down to you two to work together, to avoid being eaten and to get out alive. Be warned, it wont be easy but at least you'll have your trusty pistol to blow away the vile monsters.

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