Silver Valley - Multi-genre game is in dev for the Sega Master System

If you have a Sega Master System or running an emulator, then you might be interested to know a developer by the name of Enrique Ruiz is working on a multi-genre game for the SMS that is currently known as ' Silver Valley '. A game which has been in development for some months now, looks to be a mash of other games such as Castlevania or Wonderboy and will feature not just platforming but also flying, shooting and even sailing through 64 levels, which will also have a story driving the action.

Going by the earlier posts about the game, it looked as if it wasn't as promising as he first thought due to doubts about the playability, but given time it has turned out to be a solid platformer and the images shown off on the SMS forums certainly show just how nice it looks. In terms of a release date however, we don't have any concrete details other than the developer is planning to release it via the forums while looking for opinions and criticism from the sms community!

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