Wrecking Crew ‘98 - A rare Mario Puzzler on the SNES, English translated!

Mario is in the news again and no this isn't a replay on the SNES Mini OR a quick bash on the Switch, but he's coming at you via a rare game called ' Wrecking Crew '98 ',  which has since been English translated by ShadowOne333 and team! Yes indeed this Mario game, a game I haven't heard of before due to Nintendo’s International Division shutting down sales of all SNES games in ‘97, is classed as a Puzzle game that never came out from Japan and as such was only ever playable in Japanese, either through import or a rom.

Now thanks to the hard work of the community you can finally experience this game, which also includes the original Wrecking Crew in one single Rom. The game according to RomHacking is fully playable, from start to finish, without any major hiccup or bug! Finally, a long forgotten game will see the light of day overseas, thanks to hackers doing what Nintendon’t!

A patching program such as beat or Floating IPS  may be needed to add the hack/patch to the main Mario Wrecking Crew '98 (J) (NP).smc SNES Rom, which isn't available here.

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