RetroWars - Sci-fi adventure from AmigaWave gets a release!

AmigaWave, behind the Amiga medieval game ' Furtum Sacrum '; have again contacted us to let us know that their Star Wars inspired Adventure of 'RetroWars' which has been available as a Spanish edition for nearly a year, has since been released as an English version with updates as a free download and as a boxed edition through and

Turn yourself into Luke, followed by your droids and his master, in order to escape from the planet and the negative influence of retro-speculation, promoted by the dark side. Enjoy this graphical star wars inspired adventure on the Amiga, as a love by the fans of retro gaming and the classic sci-fi movie series... Welcome to RetroWars!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Discussion 4) LemonAmiga

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