JetPac RX - A Modified/Remastered ZX version of a hit Ultimate Play the Game classic!

Along time ago, 1983 to be exact, Ultimate Play The Game released the famous game Jetpac for the ZX Spectrum and Vic-20, with the BBC Micro version released later in 1984. It star'd the legendary character Jetman, on a mission to rebuild a rocket in order to explore other planets while also defending himself from Aliens with his powerful laser. It was and still is an incredible game that has since mentioned again, but this time as a modded/remastered ZX Spectrum version by the name of 'JetPac RX'.

Yes indeed fans of the classic game JetPac might be pleased with this news, as thanks to Highriser who is behind this version and who also contacted us recently. He has told us this is his own personal take on Ultimate Play the Game's classic JetPac for the ZX Spectrum.  The core gameplay is still there, but dozens of modifications have been made, with many more planned. Updates include additional details to the graphics, new gameplay mechanics, particle effects and much more.

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