Zombie Calavera Prologue - Mojon Twins ZX Spectrum game gets an MSX Port by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez

Are you wanting something a little more spooky instead of a text adventure jam created for Children. Then you might be pleased to learn, that as of today, Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez has released The Mojon Twins speccy game of ' Zombie Calavera Prologue ' over to the ColecoVision and MSX as a port that is completely free to play! This game originally released in 2010 puts you in control of Santos blinded with rage on a quest to chase Skinny to purgatory and if necessary, retrieve his beloved from the clutches of evil!

Featuring a unique style of dark silhouettes with a deep blue background and menacing themes, you must recover 16 crucifixes in the cemetery to gather spritual energy to open the door to purgatory to find your beloved. Beware however this wont be easy, as even though you are armed with a rifle, evil monsters once removed will return as winged spirits that will be much harder to avoid! Use the backgrounds, hide in the darkness, remain immobile and hopefully you'll survive long enough to complete your quest.

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