Shoot em ups


Alien Breed - Sci-Fi Retro Shooter (Android) & Remakes

Alien Disaster - Highly addictive shooter from Doc Geraud

Ascension - Horror Side Scroller

Astro Avenger 2 - [ Brilliant Shoot em up ]

Black Square - Free top down Shooter in a Gameboy theme

BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO - Fight the good fight in this recommended free Action game!

Continue? Philly Under Fire - Free retro inspired Contra style shooter

Danger Zone - Free Shoot em up with a Top Gun theme
Deadly 30 - Gore Zombie Shooter

Dead Colony - Free Indie Action game, set in a sci-fi world

Entropy - Free Indie Shooter!

Fistful of Gun - A free top down shooter!

Flowstorm - arcade racing and aerial combat game with a kickstarter

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - Freelancer Style Space Shooter

Galaxy In Flames : The Crucible- Asteroids for the new generation

Gravitron 2 - [ PC Thrust style Game ]

Hive Jump - Starship Troopers & Contra in a sci-fi action shooter (Kickstarter/Steam Greenlight)

Hotline Miami - Brutal Top Down action

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - Bafta Winning Space Shooter

INFINOS - Freeware Retro shoot em up

Intrusion 2 - Flash Based Shooter, Metal Slug Clone

luftrauser - Epic soundtrack shoot em up

Leave Home - Shoot em up (Pay what you want)

Lone Survivor - Survival Horror Shooter

Lost Outpost: Director's cut - Survival horror with a 2d space theme (Steam Greenlight)

Medal Wars - isometric shooter

Mercenary Kings - Tribute Games announces the release of a kick ass 2d action shooter

Metacell - 2D twitch puzzle shooter

Mighty Tactical Shooter - Retro inspired Shoot Em Up that's also Turn Based

Millenipede - inspired by the classic Atari game 

NeonXSZ - Intense fast paced Descent-Quake fused shooter (Desura/Steam Greenlight+Demo)

No Mutants Allowed - Fast paced, challenging and Free!

Omegalodon - Fun looking Multiplayer Action Game

OMG Zombies! - Zombies they are everywhere, use your sharpshooting skills
Project Ravensdale - Ravensdale meets Contra and Metal Slug in a classic arcade shooter (Kickstarter)

Planet Smashers Inc. - Smash Planets and prevent pollution in this retro styled action game

Retro City Rampage - GTA Nes Style

Retaliate - Free Shoot em up with a difference for Android
RetroBooster - multi-directional arcade shooter

Run and Gun - Shooter from Wizorb Creators

Running with Rifles - think Counter Strike meets Cannon Fodder

Recruits - Single and Co-Op Cannon Fodder Shooter

Savant: Ascent - Unlock the music in this kick ass platform shooter

Serious Sam : The Random Encounter - Shooter

Soteria - Top down based shooter with a nod to the gameboy era

Space Rawks - FREE Space-shooter inspired by Asteroids Deluxe 

Splatter - A topdown Shooter with full on gore and firepower!

Starlight Inception

Team Fortress Arcade - Action

The Colorful Voyage - Retro style Arcade Shooter

The Horde!!! - Gorish free Shooter

The Inflicted : A battle for sanity - Horror Top down action

Ultratron - Arena Shooter

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge - Defeat the troll from Spacebook in this multi genre title! (Steam Greenlight)

Undead Paradise - An Action packed Zombie Shooter now available for Android!

Waves - Geometry Wars clone

Waves: Arena Tactics - Top-Down Shooter Waves gets a sequel (Kickstarter)

West Guns - Free browser based action game in the Wild West

Wings of Saint Nazaire - Space combat with a Wing Commander and X-Wing vibe

XenoRaptor - A co-op top down shooter with eye candy! (Steam Greenlight+Demo)

Zombie Kill of the Week - Survive against the horde in this free multiplatform game


Atomhex - (gridwars creator) - [ Shoot em up ]

Another Game Of Invaders - A gameboy inspired space invaders throwback

Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender - Meeow Shoot Em Up with Cats is now available!

Blast Em! - How long will you last in this progressively difficult Shoot em up!

Ether Vapor: Remaster - 3D Shoot em up

Enemy Mind - Recommended shoot em up, early access Impressions + early preview gameplay footage!

Fire Arrow - Shoot em up

Flax - Free browser based Shoot em up developed by reidrac

Fortress Magnus - Flash Shoot em up

Futuridium - An intense, action packed, classic shoot'em up!

Galak-Z: The Dimensional - Crazy fast paced shoot em up!

Guarodan - Locomalito is back with another awesome retro inspired game (shoot em up)

Humans Must Answer - HQ Shoot Em Up

Humans Must Answer - Side Scrolling Shoot em up (kickstarter)

Hypership Out of Control 2 - This shoot em up is just too intense (Steam Greenlight)

Ikaruga - Waves of enemies through classic shoot em up gameplay is now on Steam

Jets'n'Guns Gold - Recommended [ Shoot em up ]

JamesTown - High Quality Shooter!

MAN VS THE WORLD - Shoot em up with a difference!

Megafenix Reloaded - High quality Shoot Em Up Remake from Coptron Game Studios

Moon Cresta - Faithful remake of the hit arcade game released in 1980!

Nemesis Online - Retro Online Shoot em Up

Omnicron - Shoot em up

Orbitron : Revolution - HQ Shoot em up

Procyon - Shoot em up

Protostriker M - Shoot em up going old school!

RAIDEN LEGACY - four-title Shoot em up compilation for Apple Io's Devices

Rhythm Destruction - Rythm Shoot em up

Retrobooster - Multi-Directional Shoot em up in the style of Thrust!

Shiden - High octane Doujin style shoot em up (Kickstarter)

Sine Mora - epic Shoot em up on steam!

Soldner X - High quality Indy Shoot em up + coop

Space Patrol - Free retro inspired Shoot em up

Space 781 - A different style of retro tastic Space Invaders

Star Defender 3 - Shoot em up * Free Game*

Star Serpent Sigma - High Quality Flash Shoot em up

Sword of Orion - FLASH Shoot em up

Syder Arcade - Insane High Quality Shoot em up!

The Tale of ALLTYNEX - Shoot Em Up trilogy (Kickstarter)

TinyXEVIVOS - Shoot em up remake of a hit classic

Verminest - Galaga based shoot em up

Xevious ( Retro Shoot em up Remake )

zX HyperBlast, some reckless fun (Shoot Em Up)