A Man's Quest - Difficult Platformer Puzzler ( Free Indie Game )

Titled : A Man's Quest developed by Ink , This game is a difficult Platformer Puzzler whereby you have to jump and scale platforms while avoiding a gorish death from spikes all around you.

A Man's Quest is a nes style game of old 8bit graphics but giving you the modern feeling of a difficult avoiding death Platformer for example vvvvv and Meat Boy. This game starts out with a mix of vertical and horizontal platforming, but shortly after getting the grip gloves, it becomes an ascension game with multiple save points. However the gloves don't allow the player to stick to any part of the wall, only the ledges.

The story tells of a tale of childhood revenge, a bad boy has claimed a large tree as his own for which you wanted to climb. But our little character named Ty determined to have his own tree goes on a tree hunting mission. But little does he know he's about to come across a Ghost that asks him to help free the tower spirits, by doing this instead of a tree you are now climbing a large tower and will most likely make the bad boy very jealous.  This is probably the most confusing story I've ever written :)

Available to play in browsers and downloadable as Windows freeware,

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