WarZ - Wipe, new packages, new features roadmap, new antihack, Steam version

After that small fiasco last night with WarZ, today we have another major update, although this is not a patch it's all about the possible upcoming features and additions, including steam. For all those that don't know WarZ is an online multiplayer fps game with other players ( survivors ) and Zombies. The world is still trying to recover from a zombie apocalypse but you will most likely die from not only the zombies but the other survivors as well. So make sure you get as much loot as possible ( food, water, weapons, helmets ) to survive! Lets get back to the update!

Wipe, new packages, new features roadmap, new antihack, Steam version !
Hey hey !

Things were quite busy here at Hammerpoint Interactive and today I just want to go over several topics that everybody keep asking about.

1. Wipe
As we're moving toward Foundation Release ( which most likely will be at same time we'll launch game on Steam ) we'll do a wipe - most likely this weekend. You'll get back all GC you bought as part of the packages, you'll also get some extra free GC as our thank you for being early players. Most likely you'll have all in game characters unlocked for - once again - our present to you guys! We also thinking about giving our some "zombie survival kits" - set of items necessary to start over surviving in a zombie world.

2. New way of buying game. New packages
As we've said before - we want our early adopters to feel special - so we decided that we'll stop selling Survivor, Pioneer packages ( Legend's sales are over for good now, with about 500 or so keys are still available at retail Gamestop locations around USA ). Instead we'll offer number of "unnamed" packages that doesn't offer any recognition ingame, or doesn't unlock any characters from the start, etc. Only difference between packages will be the amount of GC you get.

3. New Antihack
New antihack is coming. I think it'll happen around mid-end of December - new system is relying on analyzing players patterns and reacting upon them. It's pretty complex system running on separate server, and we hope it will let us to replace existing system - that still most of the time ( is wallhack or ESP is used ) rely on humans to ban cheaters - which can take day or two. Once again - we'll become slightly more secure in our never ending fight with hackers.

4. Steam release
Okay this one is simple - game will become available on Steam. We also exploring ways for existing users to link game to their Steam accounts - nothing to report there yet, but we're working on this.

5. GC Sale
Yes you'll be able to buy GC after wipe!

6. New features roadmap.
Okay this one will be more like "wishlist" - it's based on Hammerpoint's internal development plan, but as always something may come up - new hacks, other things that will slow us down. So please take this more like a guidelines, not hard promises:

Foundation Release ( December 2012 )
- Clans
- Friends
- Leaderboards
- Server rentals
- New set of building blocks ( aka barricades and USABLE objects like hydroponics systems )
- Call for help functionality
- Accessing your inventory from Safe Settlement without loging out of the game
- Accessing Store from Safe Settlement without loging out of the game
- .22 cal guns - rifles, pistols
- More cool melee weapons
- Better use of ballistic helmets, armor vests.
- Flare guns ( okay we had it for a while, but just didn't released it to you guys yet )
- Better weight system
- Option to turn on crosshairs in TPS

Still December 2012, but maybe moved to January '13
- "Safe" or "Locker" items - allows you to safely store items anywhere on the map ( think of DayZ's tents, but working properly ). Two types - one with 4-5 digits PIN lock, other with no lock at all
- Map adjustments - even more walkable places - mountains, hills, some tweaks on textures, more enterable buildings, more stuff, new types of trees, etc. Lighting tweaks.
- New characters
- New survival items ( energy tonics to replenish Stamina, meds, etc )
- Tear Gas ( yes this is why you'll want gas masks )
- More civilian weapons

January-February 2013
- 5-6 stronghold maps to be added to the game
- Driveable Vehicles
- Melee fist fights
- Player defined missions !

March 2013
- Better Medic system
- Potentially ( okay POTENTIALLY is a keyword ) - weapons crafting

June - August 2013
- New Map ! One that will be probably 4 times bigger than current Colorado map
- 5-6 more stronghold maps

Have fun and thank you for playing The War Z!!!
Sergey Titov
Executive Producer
The War Z

So there you have it, something to look forward to! I just hope they don't add any more sneaky additions to make money in this game such as the ridiculous cost for extra clan slots

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