Chimera Mac - Retro Remastered ( Puzzle )

It's been awhile since the last remake, so today we have a retro remake for you to try out, so don't expect impressive graphics and high end gameplay but just have a bit of fun and relive the nostalgia from 28years ago! The game is called Chimera and it's an isometric puzzler, any one remember head over heals? this game was no way as good however some of you might have enjoyed this little game.

The story goes that a huge spaceship threatens to destroy Earth. One person must board the vessel and activate its self-destruct mechanism, but will you achieve this goal?

In Chimera, the player moves through an isometric maze. The player must try to gain access to hidden or blocked areas of the spaceship, often searching for items in order to circumvent various obstacles hence the puzzle element to the game. Once the obstacles are disabled, the player may use items to create a warhead and carry it to the designated "blue" room of the ship.

Upon activation of all four warheads, the player must reach the green room in order to complete the quest. The player must also attend to his water and food reserves, which run out faster when carrying something or when in a hot room. Note your heart beat as you are near death the hate rate gets ever faster. Both water and food can be found in the maze occasionally. If the reserves run out, or if the player tries to disable an obstacle with an incorrect item, the player dies and has lost the game

As for the original, check out this video from a long ago game on the zx spectrum!

CONTROLS - cursor keys to move and space bar to play

Website and Download

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