Cubeworld - Voxel-based exploration RPG

Tonight on Indie Retro News it's the game called Cubeworld and it's a Voxel Based Exploration RPG, it's unlike anything I've seen before and probably the same with you the viewers. There is not much to go on at the moment as it's still very much in development, however sufficed to say there will be a lot of exploring involved and have a Zelda feel to it with a hint of Minecraft

The Cube World is divided into different lands with each being randomly generated. Each land has a level and all creatures living in that land have the same level. The land level increases with distance from the starting position. Each of these lands has a Capital City which is inhabited by npc's who give you quests, sell items as such with most RPG's and talk in a living breathing world of your own. Buildings are also randomly generated with varying rooms, sizes, walls, roofs and much more. The developers have also put a lot of work into the terrain itself, with certain areas having snowy peaks and snow covered tree's, so imagine the detail of that high above while you fly a high grade Hang Glider. If flying high doesn't suit you, then go through the dark tunnels under the Mountains and Hills themselves, but watch out for bad guys!

According to the developer(s) you will have a choice of characters to play from including a Warrior,  Ranger, Spirit Mage to a rogue. Your little character can battle big bosses and gain XP to level up, however the play style differs depending on the character you play as. You also need to eat and drink to keep up the Stamina levels and health but once you start running it will stop you from drinking or eating, so make sure you stop somewhere safe.  Health and Stamina can also be recovered by the way of resting or using potions, so your character can probably be found catching some zzzzz's under a tree!.

The game will contain a mini map and compass as it currently shows above, you also get a general location on the map like for example Lugo Mountains so hopefully the player won't get too lost. Another great addition to this fine looking game is a Pet and can only be tamed by finding their favorite food, once that's accomplished your pet can be equipped like an item, There's also a pet bag for your other pets, so you can swap all the time.  Lastly Multiplayer, if you are a lover of multiplayer and feel the single player isn't for you and want to go into the world with other players then there is also a multiplayer in the game where you and other players can go on adventures.

That's it for now as there isn't a great deal to go on as of yet, but do check out their website and I look forward to it's release, which also hasn't been announced. Also check even more screenshots available once again on their website.

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