Dizzy & The Snow Queen - Retro Platformer ! ( Fan Game )

Dizzy was the strangest looking character I ever played when I was a kid at the age of 7, a walking egg with red boots and red boxing gloves!. In the original Dizzy it was incredibly difficult to survive and with only 3 lives and no save points it added extra rage to the player. But there was something loveable about the game and it scared me, maybe it was the spiders bobbing up and down or the floor giving way to a dead skeleton at the bottom. It was a platformer/puzzler and you had to use items to solve problems.

 It could be dizzy trapped in a Dungeon and on the floor was a leaf,bucket of water and a lighter. By solving this puzzle, Dizzy would have to pick up the leaf, put it at the door, set light to it to burn the door then throw the bucket over to clear the way. The entire game was like this and sometimes no item would be near to each other!. Each screen was a new area and there was nothing worse than hopping from a boulder into the next screen and ending up with Mr Dizzy rolling directly into a Dragon or rat, or even a lake.

Dizzy was created by the Oliver Twins and published by Codemasters in the golden age of the Amstrad, C64 and Spectrum. I remember so well going down to the local news agents and picking up to buy the little tape cases which was only about £2.50 or so. Can you imagine today's games from Codemasters being at that price?!.

Well over the months i'll be posting many different fan made dizzy games, from the people who loved Dizzy so much they made their own levels, music and even brand new characters or more!.

Today we have Dizzy & The Snow Queen created by Noggin the Nog, akka Simon, here's a snippet about the story/game

Winter came to the land of the Yolkfolk, and then it didn't go away.
By March, people were annoyed. By April, they were worried. By June, they were frightened.
So Dizzy went to see the good wizard Theo, to find out what was going on...

(from Simon)
This is my first dizzy game and has been some 7 months in the making. I hope you like it. It's pretty big - there's over 150 rooms and more than 60 items. There's also 20 collectables (diamonds) - if you collect five, you get an extra life. This is their only purpose, you don't have to find them all. The objective of course, is to defeat the Snow Queen, but there are also two alternative endings hidden in the game.

Hints and Tips:
None of the diamonds are hidden behind railings in the trees.

The Ranger's keys need to be used 3 times.

The game contains references to the Narnia books and Snow White, amongst others, if you get stuck on these puzzles then Google is your friend.

You can pick up and move the rope ladder.

There are books scattered about the map, most of which give clues to one of the puzzles.

Beware of dropping down into the mines - you can't get back up unaided without dying.
Fix the lift first.

You can light and drop the dynamite anywhere, so if you run out, that's tough. However, each stick will reappear in it's starting place the first time you use it, so you'll have plenty of slack.

In the storehouse, you have one chance to choose the correct 3 items. Which ones do you take?
There are clues dotted all over the room.

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