Forsaken Fortress - the post-apocalyptic survival RPG with a Kickstarter

Sooner or later I think people are going to start running out of money but at least it's for a good cause right ;), well today we have another interesting looking kickstarter but unlike the other recent games featured it isn't a space strategy. Forsaken Fortress is a post-apocalyptic survival rpg with an emphasize on simulation.

Unlike most rpg's in an apocalyptic setting in which you start off as some lone survivor out to complete quests and gain experience for game completion, Forsaken Fortress aims to take this genre to another apocalyptic level.  In this game you not only have to consider yourself but the characters around you, the base in which they live and stopping the enemies ranging from rival squads to the twisted denizens of Earth's surface from destroying everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

So tell us more about the base building I hear you ask, well ok then! From what I can see so far it seems as if the type of base building will be that of a structured design to the like of Theme Hospital, ie the placing of structures side by side in which you can see inside the rooms. Unlike Theme Hospital this isn't cute and cuddly and doesn't aim to make you laugh but to survive and not to get killed. You will need to build basic life sustain facilities such as bedroom, storage room or a kitchen to fulfill the basic needs of the survivors. You also need to construct supporting structures such as a clinic to heal the injured or a play room to entertain your squad.

Of cause it isn't just down to your characters being on their own to fight and defend, you will need to place defenses around the game area and outside to defend yourself against the onslaught. This ranges from electric traps, sandbags and bunkers. It will also be possible to upgrade weaponry, so make sure everything is planned correctly including troop management. It will certainly be interesting to see how this type of gameplay plays out and how easy it is to manage the entire team in the base and outside.

But with all this base building and defending comes at a cost, you will need those resources just like most other games of this type. You will need to lead your expedition team to the wasteland to gather supplies and to work on missions, so adding this to the list and the base building will surely give us a lot of interesting gameplay to come. The type of combat in this game is going to be real time, so acting on a rush and a lack of technology without thought and no tactics will probably get you eaten alive or shot to pieces, especially with enemies that are ten times stronger and a thousand times more vicious than humans. So make sure your characters are well managed and balance your expedition teams to suit the needs of the mission!

If that wasn't enough, the combat area contains what the developers call Mass Destruction, with destructible environmental features, vehicles, Shrapnel, ricochets and all out carnage! The developers claim the engine is of advanced physics and dynamic environment, so if you see me playing, I'll probably be jumping straight in that vehicle and mowing down the bad guys!

What about the characters! The characters in this game will not just be some pictured avatar in which you can click and attack, they will have feelings and emotions, they have needs and will need help. As the developer states..

They have needs, goals and personalities which will influence their daily life and decision making. Some of them may fall in love, some of them may not get along and all these bring life to the devastated forsaken world. Throughout the game, you will find dozens of characters to join your base. Each character has unique personalities and traits. These traits can be positive - such as the Cat Eye (better performance at night) - or negative - such as Cowardice (a propensity to flee from battle). Traits can be dynamically developed throughout the game. For instance, if you frequently send one person into bloody combat, he or she might develop a trait of Aggressive (may shoot randomly during a fierce combat). You can interact with different characters to manipulate their attitude towards you. For instance bribing will increase the relationship temporarily, while developing friendship will increase the relationship in a long term. Much like person in real life, these characters also have needs. Basic needs such as food, water or rest and higher needs such as social, comfort, entertainment and even ego.

Your characters will also need to be managed correctly in the base of operations, where they will be needed most. So the entire game comes with great thought in mind not just from the developers but you the player.  Fences will need repair, food must be cooked, the injured will need healing, and supplies must be distributed.

The developers have released a video on the kickstarter site as I know some of you prefer just a good video to show off the game rather than a long article, but I for one am really looking forward to this game. Not much has been said about it yet from other places but I doubt that will last too long once the word gets out, I also hope they achieve their goal to which I'll get to in a minute.

As of this article they have had a pledge amount of $8,423 with a $100,000 goal to achieve and only 25days to go. So come on gamers, lets hit that $100,000 goal!

Kickstarter Page


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