Jogobox - Choose from a selection of thousands of free games and play for as long as you like!

Check this out, this is the awesome Jogobox a gaming client of free games from dos based PC games to PC Indie titles!. This client reminds me very much of other based clients like Steam and Desura however all the games here are free and includes easy to run dos games which can be run via Jogobox.  Games like Dune II and Super Dune, Civilization, desert strike, Kyrandia and much more, all you have to do is click install and it shows up like any gaming client does with all the other games you've installed.

Here's more from the developers..

Which games?

Choose from a selection of thousands of free games and play for as long as you like! Whether you prefer racing games, fighting games, puzzle games or girl games, in JogoBox you can quickly find something to your tastes from the different categories.
JogoBox not only features the newest browser games, but also fully installable PC games. Whether you are looking for the newest Flash games or want to return to the golden age of classic PC gaming, in JogoBox you'll find the perfect games and install them in no time.

Install and remove games with a single click

Gaming is made easy with JogoBox! Install and remove games with a simple push of the button.
There's no longer any need for advanced computer skills, because JogoBox makes sure you'll never have to manually install any of the games yourself. No need to worry about your savegames either, JogoBox will keep these safe for you as well!
Installing JogoBox is easy: there's no need to create an account, so you won't have to fill in any complicated registration forms.
All the games available on JogoBox can be played for free, and, of course, we don't charge for JogoBox either! Play thousands of free games and enjoy hours of unlimited, no-cost gaming time!

What's more they do update the listing so expect a new addition every so often, today for example I just found out that Desert Strike was added to the listing!.

However there are a number of downsides, one being that some of the games although look like the originals and almost claim they do are in fact not, but actual remakes or clones of the original releases. Also the other downside which may put a few off, some have claimed it installs spyware on your system, HOWEVER I have yet to see any spyware on my system, I run an antivirus, Spybot and Malaware. The only thing I can say is when installing, ALWAYS check what options it gives you for any special offers and click no, so many are doing that now which is annoying but I didn't see this in my installer of Jogobox!.

 The client does need a service to run in the background called Jogoboxservice.exe which I have repeatedly asked them what it does, but they did not answer. However to my system scans it doesn't call home but mainly a service to run the client.

If you want to try it out and play some pretty fantastic games, here's the link

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