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Good morning Gamers, hope everyone is having a good one. Today it's time for another Kickstarter and this time it's a 4X Space Strategy called Predestination, so get ready to pledge if it's your type of Genre!.

In the year 2350, human deep space probes discovered a mysterious cloaked star system with planets filled with advanced technology. As the galaxy's empires argued over ownership of the planets, their ancient inhabitants awoke from suspended animation and began exterminating all life in the galaxy. Star by star, the empires crumbled, every inhabited world reduced to irradiated rubble.

Refugees from dozens of races joined forces for one final attack on the enemy homeworld. They planned to use the alien's own technology to freeze the entire solar system in time, but nature had plans of its own. Ruptures in space-time opened throughout the system, pitching ships back through time and scattering them throughout the galaxy.

In short this is what the developer has to say about the game
Predestination is a turn-based space 4X game that significantly modernises and improves on the gameplay of classic games like Master of Orion II, Civilization and the Galactic Civilizations series. It blends turn-based galaxy management and turn-based tactical combat with modern 3D graphics, player-generated content, and innovative new game mechanics that 4X fans have been waiting years to get their hands on: A 3D galaxy map that works, real planetary exploration, streamlined micromanagement, realistic spying and planetary bombardment mechanics, and many other revolutionary features. It's all in Predestination, whether your focus is on exploring the galaxy, expanding your galactic empire, exploiting the resources around you or exterminating all races that cross your path.

Sound like your type of game?, it certainly does with me as i'm a huge 4x space strategy fan however there have been many games in the past claiming to have that master of orion feel but never even come close. We need a damn good 4x space strategy game, so I hope this makes it if they can back it up with all the promises of a good looking game. Right enough of my rambling, time for the link so head over and pledge getting it to a success rate of a $25,000 goal

UPDATE as of 03.31am

The developers have been answering questions from the fans/pledgers on the kickstarter page thus far it's doing really well with 10% funded in 24hrs, check out the Q&A below!

Q. Won't planetary exploration take a lot of micromanagement, especially in large galaxies?
A. Exploration will be slow at the start of the game when you have a single planet, but you won't have much else to micromanage. As the game progresses and you begin settling other areas of your planet and colonising other worlds, you'll be able to research technologies to speed up planetary exploration, like faster scout ships, remote scanning stations, and orbital satellites that can scan large areas. In the late game stages when you have wars to worry about, you'll finally get a satellite that scans entire planets in one turn to remove unnecessary micromanagement.
If you really enjoy exploring planets manually, you don't have to research those technologies and can pick up something more useful to you instead. Likewise, if exploration isn't your thing, you can set your scout ships on Automatic. They'll search the planet on their own and report anything they find in your End of Turn summary report, but they may take longer to find things than you would on your own. It's completely up to you how much effort you want to put into planetary exploration, and you'll be rewarded for putting in that effort.

Q. Is the battlefield in the video going to be the final size? And are there going to be different sizes of ship?
A. The battlefield in the video is just a small test battlefield. The final game will feature much larger areas to fight in, and will scale with the size of the fleets in the fight. We'll have a whole range of ship sizes, from tiny fighters to massive capital ships that take up multiple hexes. We're very wary of balance issues and don't want, for example, larger artillery ships outclassing every other strategy. Ship design involves tactical tradeoffs, so you can build that super-powered artillery you want but you might have to sacrifice speed and hitpoints to get it, or you might have to recharge for one or more turns between shots. We'll post more information on the tactical combat system in a future update!

Q. Will Predestination have diplomacy? It wasn't mentioned in the video!
A. We haven't focused on diplomacy yet, but it will be a big part of Predestination. The current plan is to have a system much like Master of Orion II, where you can exchange technologies with other races, make trade agreements and forge military alliances. This will be improved on with some great new features like a galactic council that votes on major issues, and a trade system that lets you buy and sell resources with allied races. You will of course be able to play and win the game through clever diplomacy, not least of all because Tina would absolutely kill me if she couldn't play the diplomat.

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