Over 11k Views! So a special treat - Xevious ( Retro Shoot em up Remake )

When I checked the site today to do another article I was so pleased to see that my site had achieved a milestone of over 11k views. When I first created this website my goal was to give you the latest and best possible Indie / Retro news available on the internet. Although I have a lot of experience in games journalism I never expected my website to generate that many hits in such a short period of time, some of the bigger articles especially kickstarters generate nearly 200 views or more from just that one contribution. However it doesn't all just come down to just me, we have two big helpers on the site at the moment and we are aiming for more soon.

James C ( awesome admin tech guy ) both have really helped push this site even further forward, so once those interviews and reviews start coming in, expect this site to hopefully become even more popular. If you would like to contribute in any way and help out on the website contact me at admin@indieretronews.com. We'd also love for someone to do short game play youtube Talk-Throughs of old retro games!

Now onto the game itself " Xevious "

Sometime last week a member on Facebook, yes you Mr Aaron asked me where the Atari st section was! so here is the very first Atari st game on IndieRetroNews to add to our new section. The game is called Xevious a retro shoot em up which did appear on multiple platforms, I myself had played Xevious at the arcades in the early 80's and it was one of those games that I loved to play but frustrated the heck out of me.

Xevious was one of the earliest vertical scrolling shooters and greatly influenced other games of it's type, I'd be surprised if many of our retro gamers haven't played this.

The player uses a special joystick to pilot a space ship called a Solvalou, which is armed with a forward-firing blaster for aerial targets and a lower target display which fires an unlimited supply of air-to-surface bombs for ground targets. The game, presumably set in some lush landscape, had a varied terrain below, which included forests, airstrips and bases.

There are various aerial enemy aircraft which shoot at you, as well as fast-moving projectiles and exploding black spheres. Ground enemies tend to be either stationary bases or moving vehicles, most of which also fire slow bullets. The hardest enemies in the game are the Giant floating mother ships which appear in certain areas; these are killed by knocking out their cores.  Xevious was at times incredibly difficult, although I was a kid at the time. I also never had the opportunity to play it on the Atari St or other machine, but you can still play it now with an emulator or this remake.

My challenge to you, let's see how high you can get that score! ( no cheating )

Flash Version

Use the arrow keys to move and the 'Z' and 'X' keys to shoot.

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