WarZ - Total Wipe, a cheater and angry clan members!

Well we knew it was coming eventually but as from the end of this week say good bye to everything you've ever earned, duped or hacked in, as it will be wiped for a fresh new start.

The developers have just announced on the forum the big wipe is coming on Friday(?) not just that they are going through exploits and item balancing so it looks like some will be most upset by the end of this week. Here's a quote from Kewk himself!

Hey guys, we are doing our final sweeps on item balancing and exploits. We have locked down a significant portion of exploits and feel pretty good about where we are at currently. If all goes well and we do not find any other new exploits we intend to do a wipe at the end of the week. If you have found any exploits AFTER today's patch (11/27/12), please let us know. You can PM any mod and also send it in to Customer Support support.thewarz.com

What does the wipe mean?

Inventories will be gone. Backpack and global.
Character stats will be set to 0.
GC will be reset to what your package had when you first bought it. However, we will add in some additional GC for ALL packages including Survivors.
Item's will also have weight after the wipe.

We will also unlock the ability to purchase GC after the wipe has been complete.
So there you have it regarding the wipe as it's certainly needed but all is not well with the patch news and some people are up in arms! When the first part of the patch came out today, everyone was shown on the map with blue triangles above their heads, which needed to be fixed instantly. Before the fix however in a little village called Small Ville on server:US 209 I actually came across a guy no-clipping himself through the wall in the Fire station, as soon as I crawled past him he came half way through the wall, killed me then went back in. Thankyou Mr Cheat, some of us do try to enjoy our games, however enjoy the cheat report!

But what are people up in arms over?, well according to this forum post by a member called Primus Palus the game may well have a Limited Clan/Unit Member Slot(s) as such only 3 human players can be in a clan and any more than that you Must Purchase. This was not mentioned in the development cycle and also this is how it currently stands according to the members. Considering how much people have spent already, this looks a bit of a stinker.

What do YOU the reader make of WarZ are you impressed with it?, unhappy with it?, shouting for refunds or wanting more people to buy it, let us know we'd love to hear from you.

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