WarZ Update - Patch Notes as of 11/27/12

Finally WarZ has been updated, after all this time of waiting us Zombie killers can now play much further across the map with clan setups and... I tell you what let me just list the patch notes! it's a great looking patch and it comes in at about 158mb

You can now create clans and have a clan chat in game. You can switch to the clan chat with F3.
The entire map is now available.
Misc engine optimizations.
Added some memory optimizations.
A language filter has been implemented for chat.
Player names can only contain alphanumerical characters.
Zombies now properly react to barricades.
You can now see the amount of xp you get when killing Zombies.
Fixed some Zombie AI issues.
Fixed some crash issues.
Fixed a bug that allowed you to bind the windows and Esc keys.
Fixed a bug that allowed you to bind the same key to multiple actions.
Fixed bug that left the scope up when switching to
Fixed a bunch of animations.
Fixed the disconnecting bug.
Fixed a bug where grass was not showing up while zoomed in with Scopes, Binoculars, and Range Finder.
Fixed bugs with the chat that allowed size and color changes. 
If you haven't purchased this game yet then head over to WarZ.com and purchase a copy, hopefully the patch will start updating across the servers and our clients!.

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