Video games unknown facts! part 1


(Grand Theft Auto)

Grand theft auto has a few hidden gems and odd secrets, even it's creation is rather unique. can you believe it started out as a GLITCH!?. Well it's true! GTA was spawned from a different game called "Race and Chase" which was very similar to GTA in many ways, you were essentially a getaway driver, stealing from banks and then trying to lose the cops.  Very similar to a much later game called "Driver" but that was more story driver than this game. but what was this glitch you may ask? well instead of trying to pull over the criminal (you) the police cars would actually ram you off the road and damage your car. the game had no missions that involved walking but you could still leave your car and go for a strole through the park... but considering it was an arcade game it was a waste of time and money to do that, you could steal other cars though.

Back then Rockstar North was known as DMA Design, that strange multicoloured man made out of lettersso that's how it was created but what about what was WITHIN the games that followed? well it seems that in every GTA game released the developers loved leaving little Tid-Bits for an adventurous player to find, including a few obscure refferences to movies and other games related to the GTA franchise. From the Blood covered bathroom in vice city, which was a nod to the film "Scarface" where a character is killed in a bathtub by a chainsaw, i wont spoil any names of the characters so go watch the movie to find out what i mean. All the way to a random wall in an area your not supposed to get to that litterelly states "your not supposed to get here" which in later "remakes" was replaced with "hello again" and "you really like this alleyway".

There are far too many glitches and easter eggs to name them all, heck one of them is an actual EASTER EGG! a chocolate one found in vice city, only accessable by jumping through a window from a roof... go look it up people it's real and not as hard as it sounds.

If there's anything you think i should add to this please let me know! i love to find out more things about old favorites. This is only the first issue, i shall be doing this on any game that you think has an interesting history, please add a comment or Message me with the title and an example as to why you think it's history or glitches/secrets are worth sharing.

This is DerpyDooReviews, your bringer of gaming knowllege ;P    


  1. I have many old games that i have yet to play through, i will be looking out for that EGG when i get on to vice city.

    1. your welcome! depending on how you got the games i am also on steam, i can help you find it if need be.


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