Black Mesa: Uplink - Halflife 2 FPS Mod

Another hot news item today and this time it's for all you Half life gamers, those that loved playing as Gordon Freeman while avoiding making face to face contact with a head crab or two. It's Black Mesa : Uplink, a Halflife 2 fps mod, recreated based on the Half-Life demo.

This is what the developer has to say about the project and why I think many of us are getting a little bit excited for the release.
In this project, I'm recreating the Half-Life demo (HL: Uplink) released by Valve in early 1999. The demo featured content that was scrapped from the original storyline. Some might consider it canon with the story, others don't. What matters though, is that many people enjoyed this short episode and that's the reason why I am remaking Uplink for Black Mesa, the long awaited Half-Life remake for the Source Engine. Many people and teams have tried to recreate Uplink for Source, but none have actually finished and released it. I intend to get it done.
I'm the only person working on this project in my free time, doing mapping, models and textures. Therefore I can't guarantee a release date but I hope to finish it before the end of 2012. I'm working in chronologic order, creating the remake while playing through the original to stay as close to it as possible. However, I'm updating areas to todays visual possibilities and change gameplay accordingly, adjusting it to the new environments. Black Mesa: Uplink will not be integrated into the original storyline or extended.

To play Black Mesa: Uplink, you will need the Source SDK Base 2007 (free) and a copy of the Black Mesa (also free - available on steam )
I can't wait, not just that it's due on the 17th, that's NEXT WEEK! So here's the page and don't forget to vote it up on MODDB top 100

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