Game Tron 1000 - Random games generator - (KickStarter)

Game Tron 1000 is a new title by MOJO games for the IOS, Android and the PC platforms which features the ability to generate small casual games at the press of a button, each one as unique as the last. The games kick Starter campaign ends in 27 days and they hope to raise £90,000.  Game Tron 1000  is a very unique and ambitious idea for a game, the idea is that you push a button and a small game is generated for you,  for example it will randomly generate Platformers, Scrolling-runners, balancing games, arena battles, collect-'em- ups, slash-'em-ups, boss fights, time trials and more.

While this is certainly a promising idea, it will be interesting to see how well the developers pull it off. Game Tron 1000 will generate games which will suit all difficulty levels and player styles. The game will have 16 bit era graphics and Mojo games hope to capture all the fun and innocence of the golden age of gaming. Here is how the developer describes their game.
"Action-packed arcade game play is the order of the day and our mission is to create a game that can be played in short bursts, but with massive replay value."

This game will not have any Multiplayer. However you will be able to send games which you have generated to your friends and challenge them to beat your high score. There will also be a featured 'Game of the Month' competition which the whole Game Tron 1000 community can get involved in. People will also be able to compete against each other to get to the top of the "game of the month" leader board.

The game will also be integrated into Facebook and Twitter.
"Twitter and Facebook will also be integrated so you can alert friends to the madness you've conjured-up. Want everyone to know you've just generated a game called 'Monkey Needs Lipstick'? - no problemo, click and spread the word."

While all of this sounds great, the important question is are people ready for something as ambitious as this game or are they fed up with games randomly generating content?  Another question is since this game is so ambitious will the they compromise on quality when it comes to game play? It could very easily fail if the balance is wrong. Hopefully the developers are up to the challenge and this will be a great game.

For more information on Game Tron 1000 you can find it's Kick starter page here

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