Space Shock - Sci-fi RPG Dungeon Crawler

Good afternoon readers, Indie Retro News has a very cool looking Dungeon Crawler today to show you and it's called Space Shock. This is no ordinary Dungeon Crawler either, but Sci-Fi based, which we haven't seen the like for years, probably going back to the days of Captive.

So many of our Dungeon Crawler types are spent walking through Dungeons and fighting with Sword and Axe or with character types of Clerics and Mage's.  But with this, it's all Guns and anything else you can think of in a Space Based Sci-Fi game. In Space Shock, you are not limited by simply Dungeon Crawling but being able to crawl through huge space ships, a research base on the Jupiter’s Moon or even a frozen Europe. I wonder what else they will come up with?

As for the enemies you will see no Trolls or Skeletons here, but Large Robots, Aliens and Mutants, sound like your sort of Dungeon Crawler? Take your party of three Space Smugglers and Pirates and explore the secrets of ship wrecks and bases to figure out what is happening in the cold and endless Space.  It will also be interesting to see how they deal with puzzles when it's Sci-Fi based. We could well be pushing electronic panels and seeing laser beams heading our way.

The developers have also released an upcoming feature list as this game is still in development  and we will hopefully see a kickstarter soon as my money is at the ready!
- 5 unique classes:
Soldier (Tank/physical damage dealer)
Adept (Supporter/Healer/PSI damage dealer)
Engineer (Tech specialist/explosions specialist/disabler)
Sentinel (PSI damage dealer)
Mercenary (Physical damage dealer/Assassin)
- 3 talent trees (specializations) for each class,
Soldier (Bodyguard, Gunner, Marine)
Adept (Medic, Restorer, Guardian)
Engineer (Sapper, Constructor, Electrician)
Sentinel (Scientist, Elementalist, Conjurer)
Mercenary (Sniper, Assassin, Hunter)
- 5 weapon types: assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, pistols and
heavy weapons (rocket/grenade launchers, flame throwers)
- Deadly enemies both robotic (robots, mechs, droids, sentry turrets…) and
organic (aliens, mutants, humanoids…)
- powerful bosses with unique abilities (teleportation, stuns, mind control, spawn minions)
- a revolutionary (for dungeon crawler) combat system mostly based on abilities of the party members
- all enemies have unique anti-hit’n’run abilities (long range/AoE stuns and immobilize, teleportation…),
it is always better to fight than run
- a friendly and ergonomic control system based on shortcuts
- hundreds of items (weapons, equipment, consumables…)
- spell system, based on memorized PSI Powers cast from action bars,
six shared class spells and three additional unique spells for each specialization
- Split party feature. You can control full party or split the party into smaller groups and switch between the groups.
- intriguing story, unexpected story reversals, several story lines and ends
- NPCs traders, quest givers, the remains of the crew…

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