Survivor Zero - Sandbox style Survival Horror Game

Watch out guys, more Zombies are incoming and this one, unlike DayZ, WarZ and all the other online Zombie games is a Sandbox style Survival Horror Game. Think of it as a mix between Skyrim, Stalker and Amnesia.  This Horror game is called Survivor Zero


According to the developers, Survivor Zero is a sandbox style survival game with some elements of horror set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, is powered by the Unity Engine, will feature procedurally generated content, will be open to mods, and will be coming to a number of different Platforms and yes, PC.

Also unlike most Zombie First Person Shooters in which you are facing Zombie after Zombie and guns blazing. This game will allow players the chance to use not only strength but creativity and logic in order to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. So yes, put that gun away and think of another way to get around the horde. As for the Zombies themselves according to the developers, the Zombies will be of the slower kind, not the fast paced Left 4 Dead ones.

What about the size of the gaming world?. Well At the moment, they are set up to generate 13.9 million square miles (36,000,000 square kilometers) of virtual untouched-by-man-but-infested-by-zombies woodland. But the great news is, once the game is ready perhaps even out of Beta they will be releasing tools for us to mod the game. Think of what the players can do to a Zombie Survival game, perhaps we will see another Zombie Online mod or situations straight out of The Walking Dead.

Although there is no sign of a release date, they will be announcing a Alpha/Beta date at some point in the future, so keep an eye on Indie Retro News and Survivor Zero

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