War for the Overworld - (RTS/God Game) Kickstarter Demo

War for the Overworld is looking like it could well be as good as Dungeon Keeper, with it's RTS, God like control system and Genre. Create a Dungeon, protect the dungeon with minions, creatures and traps while spreading your evil across the land, brilliant! We've done a previous article on this game with far more information so if you haven't done so check that out first here

The update today for War for the Overworld is, it now has a kickstarter Demo, so you can finally get a play test of just how good or bad this game may be :)

This new demo showcases the base building blocks for designing a dungeon including: digging and fortifying walls, claiming tiles and placing basic rooms. Underlords can summon, or even possess, Blood Imps if they find their work ethics less than desirable. Please be aware that this is an extremely early pre-alpha build of the game, don't be surprised if you run into a bug or two!


Currently the kickstarter is at £73,549 pledged of a £150,000 goal and I personally believe this will be a success.

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