WarZ Developers admit ban mistake, but only 5%. Plus a steam backlash

Last week the developers of the Online Zombie killing game WarZ decided to take action against the hackers and cheaters, however this was met with a backlash, with many claiming they were unfairly banned. There is also currently a rather nasty situation brewing that WarZ is being falsely advertised on Steam itself.

The Developers have had to admit their mistakes see below, but people are still not happy.
Late last week we did another big ban wave. After the ban wave we got a lot of complaints about false bannings so we did a through investigation of all accounts and found that roughly 5% of those users were improperly banned.

We admit our mistake and give you our deepest apologies for this mistake. All of the accounts that we found were improperly banned have now been unbanned and have been given 700GC for the down time these players received.

Our anti-hack system is an evolving system and being improved every single day. We hope you accept our apology and understand this mistake.

The comments on Facebook are full of angry gamers some are most likely telling the truth in the fact they were banned when they never did cheat or hack. However I truly believe some have actually hacked and cheated, yet jumped on the bandwagon claiming Innocence. We've even had one gamer on our very own comments page throwing us abuse because some of us actually enjoy playing WarZ, yet we don't hack or cheat!

Further more there is currently a massive backlash on the steam forums regarding WarZ being advertised on Steam as an advertisement of lies. One major stand out from the steam page is the fact that there is no mention of the game being in an Alpha/Beta and screenshots are concept art and not in game footage. What's worse, features are advertised for the game that are as of yet not implemented, such as Dedicated Public Servers as well as Private Servers, Up to 100 Players per Game Server, gain experience points and spend it to learn dozen of available skills. The list goes on!

Some times the developers come out with some brilliant ideas, but they are making some dreadful mistakes as well, what will happen next I wonder.

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