WarZ - More hacker bans are coming

I think the WarZ developers are on a roll, it's nice to finally see them getting their act together with this Zombie Online game and coming out with a constant rush of updates and hacker bans!

The developers have done another post regarding the ban/hack wave!
Tonight we'll do another wave of bans, it'll add around 1,000 accounts to around 2,000 we've banned yesterday.

This will be battle test of our new anticheat team, so I want to give you few notes on how we do this.

First of all - overall we're 99.9% sure that we're banning right people. Means - if you're hacking and you've been promised "100% undetectable" hack by whoever sold it to you - if you get ban - please save yourself time and don't send us support emails "I haven't done anything, I didn't used hack".

Because we ban based on two simple criteries :

1) System detected use of ESP or wallhack, recorded what users been doing, this recording been checked by real human person and they banned account. This part is 100% fail proof - ie there can't be any false positives here.

2) system analyzed player's actions over period of time - normally few days, and it assigned numerical score to various anomalities, and if score was above certain threshold, it trigger human check step. Real human checked all data, observed this player actions in a game and once again - banned account if he was hacking. This is almost 100% fail proof system, but I can give it like 0.5% or so to provide false positives.

What does it mean to players who been banned ? If you have used hack - you're out of luck. Don't send us e-mails saying "I didn't do anything".

Yet - on rare occasions system can provide false positive. If you sure you didn't used any hacks and your account been banned - feel free to contact support and appeal ban. We'll double review your account and if we'll determine that your account was banned wrong - we'll unban you.

But just to give you idea - so far we've banned probably around 3,000 accounts. Out of those accounts ( and we've double checked them all ) - there was only 8 cases when we banned innocent players. We've unbanned those accounts and gave them some GC rewards.

Have fun and play fair !

It really is disgusting to see that over 3,000 gamers have been hacking In WarZ and I wonder how many of those would say " I'm not hacking, you're just a noob ".


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