Axiom Verge - Action and Exploration Platformer

Axiom Verge is an upcoming indie game focusing on action and exploration. In the style of Metroid and other action platformers, this one looks awesome indeed and has a fantastic yet unique art style. You play as a guy called Trace, who awakens alone in a strange, labyrinthine world. You explore this world to find items and upgrades which in turn allow you to explore further

    • About 8 hours of play time (depending on how much you explore)
    • Over 20 upgradeable weapons
    • Over 60 items and powerups hidden throughout the world
    • The Secret Feature (to be detailed in a future trailer!)
    • Classic 2D graphics
    • Gripping sci-fi storyline
    • Pulsing sci-fi soundtrack
      Expect it for PC and Xbox 360 sometime in 2013.

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