Flashback - HD Remake (Action Platformer)

Flashback was an amazing Action Platformer for it's time, it was released in 1992 by Delphine Software on a multitude of systems. The good news is, we may, at some point, have our hands on a HD remake. Now there's not a lot to go on at the moment, as the news has only just come out today, thanks to bluesnews for the heads up

The original Flashback, featured game play similar to that of 1989's Prince of Persia. Each well designed level spanned a large number of screens. However the levels were not all of one height, some were very high up which meant Conrad had to jump, grab onto ledges, climb, use elevators, and drop onto lower levels. Just as a real human, if Conrad falls he will die!
The original Flashback on the Amiga 500

The original was brilliant, being able to use items, trick enemies or blast them into pieces by a trusty laser, yet it was not an easy game, I never completed it. Flashback was also very similar to Another World, however Flashback was not a sequel, but just had very similar gaming styles, same company too!

Once we know more about this remake, expect a full article on the game here on Indie Retro News.

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