Sarif - Hardcore Platformer Puzzler

Another VVVVV style game is on the block, this is Sarif, in which difficult comes as the main pointer of the game. Be prepared to die over and over again, while struggling to deal with all the spikes and all the fun gravity puzzle solving goodness.

In the game you play as Roth a guy who has finds himself stuck in a computer named Sarif. Although after a while he remembers why he was there in the first place. It turns out that he and his team were experimenting with virtual reality but something went wrong.  It is now up to Roth to get all the fragmented Q-bit's to get out.There are 50 levels of Puzzling to get through, but it will be difficult as you can twist the entire gaming area in one way or another, to be able to get to certain platforms. But be careful, one jump or one wrong twist, will have you falling to the nearest spikes. Those with Motion Sickness look away now ;)

Leaderboard's- compete against the toughest 10 year old web gamer's you have ever seen.
Achivement's - Makes you feel like your actualy worth something.
Difficulty - Man this game is hard.
Simplicity - Easy to learn HARD to master.
Gravity Shifting - Unfortunately Newton dissaproves this game.
Gravity Shifting - I mean come on You can shift... gravity...


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