Wings - Cinemaware's Flight Sim Kickstarter project revamp

Hot news for all the Cinemaware fans, it looks as if we might have a kick starter revamp on our hands and it's a game very close to our Retro Hearts. Wings may well be coming back.... Again, but before that, a little bit of negative history. In August, the 10th, 2012 to be exact, Cinemaware created a Kickstarter for Wings. However all was not well, even though many of us had fond memories of the original, the HD game never made it's pledge goal and it flopped big time, which was a huge shame. I for one was a pledger and was gutted for it not to succeed.

There were many different view points as to why it flopped, it really depends on who you ask. Perhaps it was the use of a rather nice female, which some claimed as a cheap trick to lure men, to pledge money to the project. Maybe it was the $350,000 goal for such a niche game or could it have been the lack of any worth while game eye candy to pull in the pledgers. To be honest I felt the price was a little too high and there wasn't really anything to show for it, not until much later in the kickstarter event anyway.

Below was the original, an all time classic WW1 flight Simulator intermixed with arcade bombing runs, yet it was just so damn good. I remember it so well, creating my pilot and taking him through history, while trying not to be shot down and becoming just another grave stone. Originally released in 1990 for the Amiga, later also ported for the Game Boy Advance in 2002, it was a true gem for it's time.

And this is, what we might have been playing if the kickstarter was a success, but again only a "target concept" rendering, would've loved to have seen this in action. Check out the incredible detail over the original. Even the bombing and strafing runs ended up getting an overhaul, actually the whole game was going to be pushed into the HD era.

But alas it never came to pass and even I thought that's it, we will never see this game again for HD detail, but when checking my emails today, I got the best news ever. That we may well see another kickstarter and the fact of the developers/staff are actually talking to previous pledgers and others.
Would you pledge for the Wings Kickstarter project if we relaunched it with a more condensed feature-set and less pledge levels to keep the budget down?
Hello guys, great feedback! Rob, do keep in mind though that we were planning to add a LOT of new content to the game. So even though the basic premise and story is the same, all the underlying tech, graphics plus a lot of new content (extended mission and storyline plots, NEW mini-games (a secret!) and other gameplay enhancements were in the works in were the main reason for our target funding. Although we saw that many games on Kickstarter did aim for lower goals, we also saw that many (arguably simpler) remakes got away with much higher funding requirements (Leisure Suit Larry for example). Regardless, our goal has always been to target a high-quality gameplay experience and did not want to compromise.
Thanks guys for all the great comments! Regarding our video, we had explained it in some of the posts on Kickstarter, but it's worth repeating it here: the girl that hosts the video is Sasha Jackson (an actress who is featured in the Blue Crush movies) and the reason we thought having her present was simple: all of you Cinemaware fans recall that the classics always featured a gorgeous lady/heroine as part of the plot - that was a recurring Cinemaware characteristic! We tried to tie it into the Wings campaign as well, but of course this was lost on many who didn't like her presence - many thought it was a cheap trick to lure men to pledge money to the project - which we can honestly promise it wasn't! We take full responsibility for that choice and hope you will all forgive us!
Some come on guys, push for another kickstarter and then when that's done persuade them to do another It Came From the Desert. Cinemaware as far as I'm concerned are a truly great Retro gaming company


If you would like to play the original Wings on your PC, without the hassle of any emulation and illegal files then head over to this amazing site and download and run the game, that's it! Press F12 in game for extra settings.

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