WarZ - Development Diary, 1/18/13

Well it's finally here, the 1/18/13 development diaries us WarZ gamers have been waiting for, which gives us a little bit more explanation about the patch that's due next week 22nd JAN. So let's take a look at just how good this server hopping fix is going to be (we hope).

Server Hopping

The way we are approaching this issue is by handling the players position on a per server basis. You will always retain your location on the server that you logged out on, however if you switch servers you will be moved to a random location near your last known location on the previous server; then your position will be saved on the new server. If you are logged out of the game for greater than 10 minutes you will not be affected by these changes. This is subject to change as we gather data once the system has been implemented on live servers. Think of it similarly to how the current death system works. When you die you are placed in a random position relative to where you died. This is how it will work when you join a new server.

Let's get down to the details of the system:

You log out on server US001 and then log back in to US001, you will be at the exact location you logged out from.

You then leave US001 and join US002; the server looks at your last known position (US001) and then spawns you randomly in that same general area. When you spawn there will be a system message in chat that reads ?You have been moved to a new location because you have changed servers. (or something close to that)? Your position is saved on US002.

You then go to US003 what happens?

The server looks at your last known location (US002) and randomly spawns the you in the general area you were at on US002. Now, you leave US003 and go to US002 and are spawned randomly near where you were on server US003. Your position is saved on US002

What happens if you go BACK to US001?

The server looks at your last known location (US002) and randomly spawns you in the general area you were at for US002. Your position is now saved on US001.
What's more, they've even got a sneak peek for us, showing off the interior and exterior work that's going on with the building's themselves.

But that's not all, check the link below for further updates and even more nifty features coming in the next patch!
Forum Link With More Information

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