WarZ - Server Issues

As many of you know WarZ has had some major problems lately not just connecting to the master server but those that do get in, find most of the servers not listing, crashing or skipping badly while playing. Yes you can use the DNS fix which we provided earlier however according to the developers they are looking into. The head guys did mention fixing most of it last night, firstly see if it's GREEN in your area then you don't need the DNS fix. 

But the next thing we need to discuss is the lack of any patching today, we were actually due to have some sort of update or at least having most of the staff back today to start work on the game, but that doesn't look like happening. Once again, the gamers are not very happy and with good reason. As I stated before, the staff were due in the office today, but they took a sicky instead and will push anything worth while into next week. We were due a lot of good things by the end of December however that didn't happen, then it was Christmas/New year and finally taking more time off because they were Ill. Just be careful if you post anything negative on the forums, you may end up getting banned for it!

Here's my negative view, still no anti-cheat/hack protection :(

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