Dizzy II : Treasure Island Dizzy - Retro Adventure/Puzzle/Platformer (Browser Playable)

The second of the online "Load" Dizzy playable games has been released thanks to the guys of yolkfolk. This is Treasure Island Dizzy, a very classic retro game from the 1980's. Here on Indie Retro News we've done indie after indie game, so it's so nice to see a retro game again. Treasure Island Dizzy goes way back in our gaming history and came on multiple systems ( Amstrad, Commodore 64, Spectrum, DOS, NES, Amiga and Atari ST. ).

I myself had the Amstrad version later purchasing the Amiga version, I did prefer the Amiga version simply because of the graphics and fast load times. This game compared to Dizzy 1 is quite different from its predecessor, with a new inventory system and improved animations. The game notably contains fewer enemies than the previous title, it is more centred around inventory based problem solving.

Adding to the difficulty of the game was the fact that the player had two main tasks to complete; the escape from the islands, and the collection of the thirty coins. For example upon escaping the final island, the Shopkeeper character appears and tells Dizzy that he cannot leave without finding all thirty coins. Given that a number of the coins were hidden behind scenery, this second task proved to be more difficult than the main game.

So head over to yolkfolk and play in any capable browser!

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